Ceramic Brake Pads

Ceramic Brake Pads

Friction Master

Ceramic Brake Pads


The Final Word in Brake Pads


Offering advanced utility, our ceramic brakes provide increased durability over OE pads and many other after-market brake pads in both wet and dry conditions and give sustained function for all customers at a top of the line performance.

  • Increased Durability as well as wear-and-tear
  • Made from lighter-weight material’s
  • Significantly Higher Heat and Mechanical Tolerance
  • Unparalleled Noise Control and Muffling




Genuine ceramic formulations.

  • Ceramic and Copper fiber make up increase’s the Heat Dissipation for less Brake Fade.
  • Creates Far Less Dust on tires that is less grimy and significantly more light toned.

Chamfers and slots matched to original equipment design.

  • Helps further Reduce any Noise
  • Allows for easier installment on OE Rotors
  • Attached wear senors and hardware for OE Fit and Functionality

Powder-coated backing plate.

  • Helps Brake Pad resist Environmental and Heat Corrosion
  • Further increases Durability of Brake Pad

VSS shims.

  • Vulcanized Silencing System provides Premium Noise Buffering and Control for Quieter Performance

Special Unimold design

  • Special Unimold design features an integrally-molded attachment system that uses heat, adhesive and pressure to bond the friction material and backing plate into a single, stable unit that resists separation and delamination of the friction material from the backing plate.

Ceramic Brake Pad Noise and Wear Test


Brake Pad Wear Chart


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