Premium Brake Shoes

Premium Brake Shoes

Friction Master

Premium Drum Brake Shoe

The only Drum Brake Shoe to consider.


Look no further for Premium Brake Shoes to reconfigure your Drum Brakes with excellent long-lasting Friction Material and Stopping Power

  • Premium Lining for Extended Wear and Durability
  • Asbestos-Free for Safe Maintanence and Environmental Consciousness

Premium Lining

  • Asbestos Free Lining with NAO*
  • Provides Quality Grip and Bite
  • Increased Durability and Reliability of Lining for Shorter Breaking Distances

*Non-Asbestos Organic Materials

Durable Hardware and Structure

  • All new Steel, not re-manafactured parts, for Strong and Reliable Performance
  • Increased Rugged Durability and Stability in Structure
  • Attachment Hardware included where applicable

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