Premium Brake Pads

Premium Brake Pads

Friction Master

Premium Brake Pads

Quality friction at a Great Value.

A fantastic upgrade or replacement for your old worn out Brake Pads, with a cost efficiency that doesn’t break the bank either, invest in the Premium Disk Brake Pads and add some quality friction today.

  • Quality Materials deliver sustained performance
  • Sound-Dampening design provides for a quieter ride



Premium quality friction material

  • Available in Semi-Metallic or NAO*
  • Material choice provides Reliability and longer use of Brake Pad’s

*Non-Asbestos Organic Materials

Powder-coated backing plate.

  • Helps Brake Pad resist Environmental and Heat Corrosion
  • Further increases Durability of Brake Pads

Chamfers and slots matched to original equipment design.

  • Helps Reduce any Noise from Brakes
  • Allows for easier installment on OE Rotors
  • Attached Wear Sensors and Hardware for OE Fit and Functionality

Premium Brake Pad Noise and Wear Test


Brake Pad Wear Chart


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